Why You Should Start Your Trip To Argentina By Iguazu Falls

Argentina is such a vast country with a wide variety of landscapes to explore, so make a decision about where to start to see it is not a simple task. Arrive in Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital city with its European architecture and fascinating nightlife, is the easy choice (especially because of flight connectivity), but there are several options.

Some people (especially nature lovers), go straight to Patagonia to see its imponent peaks and trails, where you can get lost for months and never get bored. The colorful and arid landscapes of the Puna or the vineyards in Cuyo are also great attractions for foreign tourist who want to go beyond and explore.

But I am convinced that the best spot to start exploring Argentina is Iguazú Falls, one of the most fascinating places where I have ever been and where I am always happy to return. Located in the Northeast region of the country in the province of Misiones, they are one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, a list of amazing places which also includes Jeju Island in South Korea, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and PP Underground River in the Philippines

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